Coach/Mentor Programme

Monash University and Riot Games Join Forces to Promote Learning, Sportsmanship and Emotional Well-Being

This partnership builds on Riot’s existing Learn with League programmes, will create League of Legends clubs in Victoria high schools that will be supported by Monash University mentors. The university mentors, alongside a teacher, will support high school students on behavior, sportsmanship, academics, and in-game skills. The clubs will be structured as cross-generational experiences and encourage participation from family. Where necessary, Monash will provide additional support, including access to facilities and infrastructure. Monash and Riot will incorporate third party expertise to ensure the program incorporates an evidence-based approach.

Martin Doulton
Athletics Director at Monash University

“This partnership between our organisations recognises the key role video games play in youth culture and the opportunity they represent to connect across generations. These clubs will give Monash students the chance to engage with local youth, serve as role models to developing students, and bridge the gap between students and adults.”

Monash is committed to community engagement and providing opportunities for its students to engage with local organisations. Monash has a history of innovative partnerships across business, private enterprise, and government groups.

Riot believes gaming can help the next generation grow into conscientious digital citizens, and wants to do their part to make the future better for them and those around them.

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