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Many young people spend a substantial part of their lives participating in esports and other online activities with 83% of young people engaging in some form of esports (Brand et al, 2019). This can lead to positive outcomes in social connectedness and leisure, however, a small number of young people may experience problems as a result of internet use and esports.

headspace and Riot Games have created a two hour intergenerational wellbeing package for community engagement partners to deliver. This workshop proactively addresses esport perception in the community, highlights esports as a channel for well-being and development, promoting balance and connection as core elements of young people’s engagement with esports.

This training seeks to empower community partners with the education required to deliver this wellbeing training to their communities, in line with mental health targets of library services and government entities. Community engagement partners, most notably libraries, will be provided with in depth training, resources, tools and support to successfully deliver this training package.

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