The ‘Learn With League’ initiative has been designed and developed by education experts, Ivan Davies and Dr. Kimberly Voll.

Ivan Davies

Ivan has a background in sports psychology, specialising in group cohesion and collective efficacy. In 2005, he became a Physical Education teacher in the UK, where he delivered lessons for students aged 11–18 years in a co-educational specialist sports college.

During this period, he worked with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) to carry out two high school investigations on Assessment for Learning. Outside of teaching, Ivan has worked with professional athletes across multiple sports, including esports.

Ivan’s lifelong passion for community has seen him work on significant youth initiatives, a path that lead him to leading Community and Social Play in the Riot Games Sydney office. Ivan now channels his passion for community towards discovering and refining ways to support the League of Legends community in Oceania. When he’s not organising community events, Ivan enjoys spending time with his whānau.

Dr. Kimberley Voll

Kimberly holds a PhD in computer science and an Honours degree in cognitive science, having spent ten years as faculty at the University of British Columbia and later the Centre for Digital Media.

Her passion for education has seen her work extensively in computer science outreach to K-12 students, as well as lead several science education initiatives in partnerships with companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

Kimberly co-founded the Fair Play Alliance, a professional organisation of nearly 100 gaming companies committed to encouraging healthy communities and positive interactions in online gaming. Currently, Kimberly works at Riot Games as a technical designer and head of player dynamics, with a vision to see League of Legends players thrive under healthy interactions and fair play.