High performance workshops have been utilised to great effect in traditional sports, to the point where they’re a necessity at the top level of competition. Teams like the All Blacks have linked their success to a focus on high performance. This phenomenon is starting to take over esports as well, with many Oceanic Pro League teams increasing their investment in high performance in 2018.

The Learn with League workshop gives players the opportunity to pick up some of the skills that the world’s best competitors rely on to increase the likelihood of victory. We’ll explain the six aspects of sportsmanship and how they correlate to high performance, and encourage players to not just see themselves as individual contributors, but leaders that reach victory by building cohesion among their team.

Workshop Format (total 90 minutes)

Introduction to high performance (15 minutes)

This section will serve as an introduction to the workshop and high performance concepts:

  • Explanation of workshop goals and format.Introduction the concept of high performance.
  • Outline performance disciplines.

High performance preparation (10 minutes)

This section mirrors the targeted high performance preparatory activities that professional teams carry out as part of their training. Players will apply high performance concepts in their pregame communications:

  • Applying sportsmanship concepts in the context of high performance training.
  • Developing communication skills, understanding their importance for victory.
  • Collaboratively developing an in-game strategy.

League of Legends game (50 minutes)

Players will have the chance to apply high performance concepts in-game, executing their in-game strategy in a full game against another team:

  • Compete against another high school team.
  • Receive support in applying high performance concepts from an observer.

Post-game analysis (15 minutes)

Like the preparation segment of the workshop, players will mirror professional teams by conducting a post-game analysis.

  • Discuss and reflect on the game’s outcome.
  • Discuss the high performance concepts applied, supported by a coach.

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