The Urf Academy of Game Design is a game design workshop created by Riot Games to teach the fundamentals of game design, balance, and programming through an interactive board game activity that requires teamwork, collaboration, and creative thinking to create the most fun and balanced game possible.

As part of this two-hour workshop, you will participate in:

  • 30 minutes discussing balance and how it affects fun in games.
  • 90 minutes playing in an interactive board game where participants will engage in iterative game design to create a balanced game.

As part of the Learn with League initiative, students participating in the Urf Academy workshop will be thinking about healthy habits while they build (and play) games. 

We believe there’s a lot to learn from games, and Learn with League focuses on living a physically and mentally healthy and balanced life, using games as an opportunity to learn and have fun. 

If you or someone you know is interested in learning about game design, the games industry, or just enjoys playing board games, you can sign up for a workshop below.

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