The URF Academy Game Design curriculum teaches the fundamental aspects of game design.

Introducing URF Academy

While many see gaming as a waste of time, or as a useless hobby, we see it as an opportunity for the development of character in young people. Learn with League aims to teach students how to look at gaming as a way to learn and grow. The URF Academy is a free resource for educators who seek to encourage and inspire the next generation of game designers.

The term ‘URF’ stands for Ultra Rapid Fire, referencing a popular seasonal mode in League of Legends; URF Mode.

Accessible Learning

Our Game Design Curriculum is our way to share our love for and knowledge of games to students everywhere. We designed it with accessibility top of mind—any teacher with access to the internet and a printer should be able to teach students how to design a fun game.

A Simple Framework

In our six-module curriculum, we outline the principles of game design using a simple framework and explore concepts through engaging workshops and activities. Young people will learn about the language and theory necessary to engage deeply with games and ultimately collaborate in groups to design a paper prototype of a multiplayer game.

How to Get Involved

Learning Materials

Learn how to run game design workshops in your community.


Learn with League Report

This paper discusses a game-changing approach to education and personal development for young people.


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