Create teachable moments and promote positive and productive behaviour in young people through League of Legends.

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Gauge Interest

League of Legends learning sessions can be run through school clubs, community groups, esports teams, and just about any place where young League of Legends players are likely to gather. We have created a range of materials to help get the word out about your play session.

Support Materials

Get Support from Leadership

To prepare for a conversation with your school’s leadership, read up on the information on our Learning Materials page, as well as Section 3 of your country’s Teaching Guide. They will help you understand how teaching the values of sportsmanship aligns with the national curriculum.

AU Teaching Guide
NZ Teaching Guide

Obtain Parental Consent

When obtaining parental consent, you may want to communicate these key points:

  • The objective of your club
  • Students must be aged 13 years or older
  • League of Legends’ classification in your country
  • Students will be supervised by a member of school staff
  • A school club, just like League of Legends, is free

Seek Assistance from IT

Your school’s IT department should be able to assist you in setting up League of Legends, as well as addressing technical issues like hardware specs and network access. We have prepared tech guides to assist in the process.

Tech guide