What is LoL’s typical data and bandwidth usage?

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    There are three main factors to consider when looking at LoL’s bandwidth consumption:

    Patching & installation

    • The installation files are under 100MB
    • After installation, the main game content downloads and is approximately 6GB on first launch of the game.
    • Patching represents approximately 250 – 500MB per client roughly every two weeks.
    • All content is delivered via HTTP protocol.
    • It is possible to set up a cache server within your school to reduce download & patching load on your internet connection.  Have your IT administration team Contact Us if you wish to explore this

    League of Legends Client browsing

    Non-gameplay traffic such as authentication, character customisation, chat, game lobby creation etc.

    • Bandwidth consumption is comparable to basic web browsing.
    • Again, this is mostly HTTP traffic with API calls, some images.

    League of Legends Game play traffic

    Over the course of an average game of the main mode of play – Summoner’s Rift – we estimate that a single player will:

    • use approximately 16 MB in downloads and 3 MB in uploads
    • download & upload at roughly 64 & 14 Kbps respectively.
    • Game modes that require less players, such as Twisted Treeline, generally consume only 30-50% as much data per game.
    • This type of traffic represents real-time interactions with the game and is latency sensitive.