Internet Access


Many school environments are designed to lock down access to the internet.  As a result, you may need some IT help to allow League of Legends to run smoothly. Each school’s network environment is different but – with the help of your school IT department – it is usually a simple process to give League of Legends the access it needs to run on your school’s network.

In cases where schools’ internet connections are provided by a state government, there may be an additional step required to request them to whitelist the League of Legends ports and URLs.  This process will change state to state, and – if it applies to your school – your IT Department will know what to do.  Most states have a standard method for schools to contact their department of education’s IT Helpdesk for access.



Computers: School PC vs Student BYOD


Every participating student will need a PC/Mac capable of running League of Legends. This can either be in a PC Lab within the school, or alternatively on a student’s own computer (if running a BYOD program). While LoL has been designed to run on a wide range of system specifications, it is important to check that your chosen computers meet the minimum requirements.





Before running the first club session, it is a good idea to do some testing to make sure that League of Legends is working properly within the school. This is to ensure students don’t experience any problems or delays when they show up for the first club session.

To establish confidence in the set-up at your school, the simplest path is to play a game (or if you don’t know how to play, enlist a student to help out).  You’ll just need to:

  • Access one of your school’s PCs.
  • Install League of Legends.
  • Run through the League of Legends tutorial (or a custom game).

If everything works, you should be able to load successfully into game and move your champion around smoothly.


How to get help


There are plenty of resources to help you get started right here on this site.  From a more general perspective, both the Getting Started page and the General Information Pack on our Learning Materials page will help outline the main areas. Our Learning Materials page also provides Teaching Guides that will help you understand how sportsmanship links to the curriculum alongside Lesson Plans and Club Materials that help teachers guide and encourage discussions around sportsmanship.

Other pages of note are:

  • Knowledge Base: Our FAQ that answers many common tech and club related questions.
  • Contact Us: For anything else (especially if you get stuck) we’re here to help and we’d love to hear from you!
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