The Powerhouse Museum – an official NESA endorsed provider of teacher professional development – has started offering “Digital Citizenship with League of Legends” as part of their Game Based Learning program for NSW schools, helping to teach productive online behaviour through the values of sportsmanship.

The event expands on a learning day run by Liverpool Boys High School and Kirrawee High School back in 2017, which saw students from 8 different schools come together to compete in games of League of Legends and learn through a workshop. Read more about the 2017 event here.

The Powerhouse Museum now extends this opportunity to all schools in New South Wales, incorporating group discussion sessions after each game that encourage self-reflection and educate on the importance of positive interactions, behaviour and sportsmanship aspects such as teamwork, resilience and respect.

The day consists of multiple League of Legends matches interspersed with team debriefs, educating on productive online behaviour through the values of sportsmanship. This is an opportunity for learners to enhance their understanding of the values of sportsmanship and teamwork through problem solving, learner led reflection and group discussions. During the day, learners will design their own League of Legends champion inspired by the aspects of sportsmanship and will evaluate how well they embody their own champion.

The day provides students the opportunity to engage through play and learn how to become better digital citizens through positive collaboration.

“Students got to meet students from other schools and experience things they don’t often get to in the classroom. It’s interactive, they get to play games, they get to collaborate with each other and do it in a way that’s engaging.”
– Charles Rushworth, Big History (B.H.P) Teacher from Liverpool Boys High School.