Learn with League is an educational initiative and framework to support young people in their digital journeys, and the caregivers who support them.

In School

Learn with League Clubs can be implemented in a secondary school environment to support young people’s learning and development by helping them to improve in domains that sit outside the standard curriculum, in areas such as the following:

Health & Wellbeing

With games captivating our youth and providing a social foundation, there is a potent opportunity to use video games and esports to teach and support wellbeing. The aim is to help youths learn to manage their time and health, reduce the stigma surrounding these conversations, and create natural ways to connect them with the tools and resources they need.

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Among the most valuable lessons within esports alongside traditional sports is that of sportsmanship. Learn with League sees an invaluable opportunity to partner with parents and teachers to help students develop mature and healthy online habits when playing and communicating with others.

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Skills Development

Students are often drawn to the field first through their love of games, inspiring an interest in programming, art and design. With frequent requests to learn more about careers in the industry, Learn with League has created some additional career-focused resources that introduce the principles of game design and esports commentating.

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At Home

Parents don’t need to be experts in childhood development, nor do they need to be experts in games or esports—it is attentive, supportive parents who are more likely to guide their children to good life outcomes. Parents are the number one source of emotional support for their child. This emotional support should be unconditional and not dependent on how well the child is playing, or how much they win.