Learning Benefits


Build thoughts and habits that set young people up for a healthy, fulfilling life.


We want young people to enjoy League of Legends in a balanced and healthy way. Through participation in a club, students build strategies for looking after their mental health, preventing and responding to bullying, and demonstrating appropriate online behaviour, all contributing to their overall wellbeing.

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Social Interaction

Social life has become more complicated as we struggle to apply the norms and etiquette of daily life to an online world we’re still getting to understand.

While playing League of Legends, young people can learn about purposeful and appropriate communication, practise team-based interactions, and observe how these affect team cohesion and positive in-game outcomes.


Invasive team activities are a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn about sportsmanship. League of Legends can be a potent medium for teaching students the values and habits associated with appropriate behaviour in interactive, team-based play and competition.

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Unlock new career pathways within the growing video games industry.

Game Design

Young people with an interest in game design will benefit from a host of resources available to nurture their passion. As they develop their understanding of League of Legends, they relate aspects of the game to design principles and build the foundations for a potential career.



Live commentary of a League of Legends match is known as ‘shoutcasting’, and League of Legends provides many opportunities for budding commentators to hone their craft, whether it’s in a club, esports team, or other community setting.

The skills involved in shoutcasting overlap with broadcast work, which can open many doors for young people in esports and beyond.

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Pursue mastery and team-based interaction in a positive and productive way.


League of Legends clubs bring young people together through authentic experiences in a game they already enjoy, creating teachable moments in areas like self-regulation and team-based communication. Within a structured environment, young people learn how to pursue mastery and team-based interaction in a positive and productive way.

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When it comes to strategy and decision making, online competitive play is no different to physical sport. Players are put under great pressure to make split-second decisions in tough situations that ultimately affect whether they win or lose. League of Legends is full of these moments, and each one is an opportunity for young people to develop and practice high performance and high integrity individual and team habits.

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