Matt Robinson is the ICT Manager at Lowanna College in Newborough, Victoria. We asked him to share his story.

Every year in the last week of term four, the students at Lowanna Secondary College run group activities. I was being approached by a number of students to have a gaming day for it. Being a bit of a gamer myself, I was easy to win over.

We decided to run a LoL tournament, to get this setup we needed a location where we could run four teams of five at a time. So two teams playing against each other and a big screen which will show one of the games on a live stream on Twitch.

The tournament proved to be a huge hit. My IT Team jumped in and played also.

One of the great things to come out of it was seeing students from different year levels teach other students varying strategies based on certain lanes and characters. For me this was a great community feel.

Helping the students get setup has been fun and rewarding when I see the students engaging and having fun with each other. To make this work well you do need someone to supervise – and it is a time commitment for a member of staff. In the end if there is a staff member who is passionate about gaming themselves it’s a win-win.

During game days there’s lots of happy students and it has left them wanting more gaming days. Since the LoL tournament students are always asking when is the next gaming day?

The reaction from the students is something that other staff members noticed, particularly how excited they were to participate.

For me personally It was a great experience for the staff and leadership to see students working together and gaming at the school. That was a powerful sight to see. It was a lightbulb moment for some teachers as they saw the power of gaming in schools.