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Learn With League is a Riot Games initiative supported by leaders in education, student welfare and research.


Riot Games’ values not only align with those of headspace, but Riot also genuinely have an  interest in and are enthusiastic about helping gamers achieve their goals in the healthiest and most positive ways. As an expert in their field, they will allow us access to a priority audience for headspace – young men and online gamers.

Gaming can provide connectedness to others that enables young people to feel a sense of social inclusion, and at healthy levels, it can increase self-esteem and social acceptance. It can also provide an opportunity for a structured daily routine and is a viable form of leisure activity.

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The University of Waikato

Community and wellbeing are our two core focuses at the OMEN Esports Arena at the University of Waikato. We are committed to providing not only a world class tertiary level education to our students but also a world class student experience and support networks.

Riot Games’ progressive approach to wellbeing and gaming is one that aligns perfectly to what we are trying to achieve at the University of Waikato. Our partnership will help shape the esports landscape in New Zealand.

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Alannah & Madeline Foundation

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation works to keep children safe across a number of environments. No child should experience bullying, and in online environments (such as gaming), it may lead to depression and anxiety.

The Foundation supports Riot Games’ desire to teach students the importance of positive online interaction. Their learning initiative works to encourage positive conduct by featuring behaviours such as respect and integrity. It will assist in building player resilience and encourage good sporting and play behaviours.

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Monash University

At Monash University , the desire to make a difference informs everything we do. But we go beyond good intentions. We make an impact, both locally and internationally. We are a global university with a presence on four continents.

Therefore Monash is pleased to be joining forces with Riot to promote learning, emotional well-being, and good sportsmanship in high schools across Victoria and create the opportunities for our student leaders to engage with local youth and serve as role models to developing students.

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Digital Natives Academy

Digital Natives Academy (DNA) is an intergenerational centre for digital excellence, a place where curious young minds can find exceptional digital leaders along with state of the art digital tech; it is also a Sanctuary from an often cold, uncaring world where the outliers of society can find peace, a warm smile, friendship and shared interests.

Riot Games understands deeply DNA’s role in helping create positive spaces within the OCE gaming community, being able to work with them in this space is the step change that we need to help empower young people with the skill to positively shape their digital worlds.

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Two Hat Security

At Two Hat, we believe that everyone has the right to share online without fear of harassment or abuse. Every day, we help gaming and social platforms foster healthy, and inclusive online spaces. And just like Riot Games, we believe that encouraging the ideals of online etiquette are just as crucial in those online spaces as they are on the playing field.

Ivan and his team are doing critical work in Oceania. The League of Legends learning initiative teaches students, teachers, and parents the core values of digital citizenship, fair play, and the six aspects of sportsmanship. All of these topics are dear to our hearts (and core to our mission) at Two Hat.

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The Cybersmile Foundation

Since becoming official charity partners in 2016, our partnership with Riot Games has now become an important element of our work in educating and supporting players all over the world to create a better online world for everyone.

Our work with Riot includes playing our part in the development of the learning initiative. This innovative new educational program teaches students the skills needed to compete in competitive play such as teamwork, peer to peer learning and positive attitude, as well as cultivating more self-aware, resilient and emotionally intelligent digital citizens.

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