Particle, Scitech’s news publication writes:

Teamwork. Respect. Responsibility. Positivity. What if our children could learn these things while engaged in their all-time favourite pastime? Video games.

From 2016 to 2017, incidents of cyberbullying increased by 60%.

Then there’s sexting, trolling, revenge porn, fake accounts, fake news. It seems everyone, at some stage, has been impacted by the toxic potential of the internet. But while we can coach footy players and basketball teams about sportsmanship and fair play, the same can’t always be said for online gamers.

So, hands up whose kids want to sit and talk about online manners for longer than, say, 5 seconds?

And hands up whose kids would love to play video games for, well, all day long?


So that’s where High School League of Legends clubs come in. Kids play as a team, and they’re (massively) (super-massively) motivated to become better team players. It’s a match made in online etiquette heaven.

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