In her Medium piece titled Children born this century are growing up in a completely digital world, South Australia’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly, is pushing for a “youth led gaming convention” after being told by many young people how important gaming is to them.

“I was naive to the positive aspects of gaming to our children and young people” writes the commissioner, who has since delved into the space to create the below infographic.

“For the overwhelming majority of the young people I speak to, the positives and potential of gaming is immense,” she writes. “They want schools and community groups to have gaming clubs like other sports clubs.”

Of these conversations, a few stories in particular stood out for Connolly. “I have heard stories of a student about to be expelled from school but in a space of eight weeks of joining a gaming club at his school had taken on a leadership role and now organises the teams and makes sure they are matched fairly. This was a student who was totally disengaged from everything and had been suspended many times. I have also been told of a student who struggled to communicate with other students. He has begun proactively talking to his peers for the first time since he joined a high school League of Legends club.”

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