Sportsmanship is a code of acceptable behaviour for players to abide by in their pursuit of fair play.

Teaching Sportsmanship

Among the most valuable lessons within esports alongside traditional sports is that of sportsmanship. Learn with League sees an invaluable opportunity to partner with parents and teachers to help students develop mature and healthy online habits when playing and communicating with others. These skills are transferable to not just other digital spaces, but to day-to-day interactions.

Via the fundamental aspects of sportsmanship, a workshop and comprehensive set of resources has been produced, including lesson plans, activities and an in-depth teaching guide carefully aligned with the national curriculum, as well as supporting materials such as classroom posters.

How to Get Involved

Sportsmanship Learning Materials

Explore a range of resources to teach and instil sportsmanlike behaviour in young people.


Sportsmanship Workshop

Learn how online competitive play can be used to cultivate positive and productive interaction.


Learn with League Report

This paper discusses a game-changing approach to education and personal development for young people.