This Learn with League workshop gives you the chance to develop new skills and knowledge around the role of play and video games in young peoples’ lives. The idea is to help you better connect and engage young people in learning and support their growth and development more broadly.

You will get a greater insight into the behavioural patterns that exist in online competitive play, what underpins these behaviours, and how we can best utilise esports to cultivate positive and productive interaction.

This training will show the importance of educating young people about positive core values and behavioural habits. The learning will be framed around the six aspects of sportsmanship and will help teachers or parents to use this digital medium to set young people up for a future of online activity.

Through the lens of League of Legends, you will:

  • develop a deeper understanding of online competitive play;
  • understand key principles and approaches to cultivating positive and productive interaction; and
  • consider the role of the parent and school.

This workshop runs for two hours and has been designed for any adult who works in educational circles.

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“Making sure that parents and teachers are taken on a journey into the future of online gaming and the psychology behind it are of the utmost importance. This workshop helped me understand that and it was great to see light bulbs going off above the heads of parents and teachers around me”.

Tamati Coffey, MP for Waiariki