As part of our ongoing work with teachers in developing an understanding of the role of online gaming in students’ lives, we recently ran a masterclass for school teachers at Scitech in Perth.

Throughout the session, teachers learnt about the core habits, patterns and behaviours present in competitive online games like League of Legends, building a foundation for further exploration of gaming in the classroom.

Much of the masterclass was self-directed—we encouraged teachers to think about the nuances of competitive play and sportsmanship by recalling instances of sportsmanlike behaviour in themselves and others, and explored personal strategies for dealing with stress and frustration in competition.

As today’s students are spending more time online, participants appreciated learning about how online gaming can be an avenue to nurture leadership and positive behaviour in young people. A core takeaway for many teachers was how online games like League of Legends can be vehicles for productive behaviour in students.

“The masterclass opened up my eyes to the positive aspects of gaming, the behaviours that students experience whilst playing and just how easy it is to break it down to introduce to students unplugged,” said one teacher.

Teachers also appreciated how the masterclass was relevant and applicable for those who don’t have any experience with League of Legends, or online gaming in general. Over 70% of participants said they would encourage other teachers to attend.

“Previously, I felt out of the loop as I don’t play the same games as the students,” said another participant. “Now I feel like I can relate to my students and talk to them about online play and appropriate online behaviour.”

We’re always keen to take the teacher masterclass on the road. If you’re interested in hosting a similar experience at your school, please don’t hesitate to contact us at