The Director of Community Trust & Safety at Two Hat Security, Carlos Figueiredo, recently drew upon high school League of Legends clubs to talk about the importance of providing students guidance in digital environments, highlighting ways that teachers and parents can educate their children.

“We believe there’s a key opportunity to guide youth through appropriate online behaviour and etiquette. Projects like the High School League of Legends Clubs are not only welcome – we believe they are essential to our collective pursuit of encouraging and shaping better online citizens.

High School League of Legends Clubs provide fertile ground for:

– Learning collaboration through teamwork in a high-stress or competitive environment;
– Exploring what affects online behaviour and understanding how actions affect other people;
– Developing the resilience to adapt their behaviour based on the situations students are likely to face online.

These are all skills that can be transferred to broader online contexts and offline interactions.

Teamwork is at the heart of League of Legends. Each player has a vital role on the team. As with any competitive experience, tensions can run high, and collaboration and communication with the group are the keys to success. The clubs offer an opportunity to practice [sic] these skills, and discuss and reflect with the help of a teacher/facilitator during or immediately after the match. This is a valuable exercise to identify what works well and what doesn’t  in online communication.”

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