Wellbeing workshop

Wellbeing workshop

July 18th, 2019|

This progressive two-hour Learn With League workshop demonstrates how online competitive gaming, within a supported environment, can be a positive force on the digital journeys of young people.

The workshop, designed by education experts, offers a unique professional development opportunity for anyone who works in educational circles.

Built from clinically approved resources, the workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Our connection to play
  • Today’s digital world and online video games; how can we best utilise esports, through connection and the nature of play, to support young people?
  • A supported learning environment; what does this look like and how is this best achieved?
  • What to teach young people and how can this be applied in school and in the home?

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“This session was totally different to what I imagined. It was presented so well and could easily have been run for a pro football team. It raised so many ideas and I just wanted to bottle the entire session and bring it back to my students.”

Shawn Taggart, Hazel Glen College

“The workshop approach can definitely be integrated in the staffroom with my coworkers but more importantly in classrooms.”

Tracy Ge, Bass High School