Have you ever considered video games to be a legitimate way to connect with young people, and to improve their mental health and wellbeing? Yes? This workshop is for you. No? This workshop is for you.

Created in partnership with headspace, the Australian non-profit organisation for youth mental health, the intergenerational Wellbeing Workshop will show you the way through a range of interactive play-based activities.

Join other teachers, youth workers, parents, grandparents and carers and embark upon a play-based voyage into League of Legends and esports, where together you’ll learn about healthy gaming habits, how to positively influence behaviours, develop communication and negotiation skills, and how to embrace competitive gaming and esports as a force for good.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Our connection to play
  • Today’s digital world and online video games; how can we best utilise esports, through connection and the nature of play, to support young people?
  • A supported learning environment; what does this look like and how is this best achieved?
  • What to teach young people and how can this be applied in school and in the home?

The Wellbeing Workshop is open to all, so bring your colleagues and bring the young people in your care.